Hi there! My laptop is currently running Windows Vista Home Premium (32-bit), and I’m trying to get Arc I Chapter II to work, but it just stops and says the program isn’t responding. I’d change the renderer, but I can’t open the options. When I hold Shift and open the application, it just opens the game up. I had to pick a different renderer to play Chapter I, so if I could get to that menu I’d do it, but I can’t, so now I’m not at all sure what to do.
hi, I’m running windows vista. I’ve been having the problem where after starting the program it freezes and doesn’t respond, and with Chapter 1 I was able to solve this by holding down shift when I opened it to change the renderer. but when I tried to do this with Chapter 2, no options appeared after opening the program when I held down shift. is there another way to change the renderer?

Alright, if shift isn’t working, try updating your OpenGL driver.

If that doesn’t work, there should be log.txt file in the same file as the application. Copy and send that to me.

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